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Abzug, Bella

Bella Abzug - Speech

Women Will Not Stop
December 12, 1995, delivered at Beijing, China


Adams, John

John Adams - Speech

Inaugural Address
March 4, 1797, delivered at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Adams, John Quincy

John Quincy Adams 1767-1848

Annual Plymouth Oration
December 22, 1802, delivered at Plymouth, Massachusetts


Addams, Jane

Jane Addams - Speech

The Subjective Necessity for Social Settlements
1892, delivered at Plymouth, Massachusetts


Agnew, Spiro T.

Spiro T. Agnew - Speech

On the Media
November 13, 1969, delivered at Des Moines, Iowa


Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great - Speech

324 BC, delivered at Opis, Mesopotamia


Anthony, Susan B.

Susan B. Anthony - Speech

On Women's Right to Vote
1873, delivered in the state of New York


Baldwin, Stanley

Stanley Baldwin - Speech

The Bomber Will Always Get Through
November 10, 1932, delivered at London, UK


Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI - Speech

May 28, 2006, delivered at Oswiecim, Poland

Address to the U.N. General Assembly
April 18, 2008, delivered at New York, N.Y.


Bevan, Aneurin

Aneurin Bevan - Speech

Weapons for Squalid and Trivial Ends
December 5, 1956, delivered at London, UK


Bhutto, Benazir

Benazir Bhutto - Speech

Equality and Partnership
September 4, 1995, delivered at Beijing, China


Bismarck, Otto von

Otto von Bismarck - Speech

Blood and Iron - English

Blood and Iron - German
September 30, 1862, delivered at Berlin, Germany


Brown, John

John Brown - Speech

Final Speech
November 2, 1859, delivered at Charles Town, Virginia


Bryan, William Jennings

William Jennings Bryan - Speech

Cross of Gold
July 8, 1896, delivered at Chicago, Illinois

The White Man's Burden
July 4, 1906, delivered at London, England


Bush, Barbara

Wellesley Commencement Address
June 1, 1990, delivered at Wellesley, MA


Bush, George H.W.

George H.W. Bush - Speech

The Liberation of Kuwait
January 16, 1991, broadcast from Washington D.C.


Bush, George W.

George W. Bush - 9/11 Speech

9/11 Address
September 11, 2001, delivered at Washington D.C.

Freedom at War With Fear
September 20, 2001, delivered at Washington D.C.


Carmichael, Stokely

Stokely Carmichael - Black Power Speech - October 29, 1966

Black Power
October 29, 1966, delivered at Berkeley, California


Carter, Jimmy

Jimmy Carter - Speech

Tribute to Hubert H. Humphrey
December 2, 1977, delivered at Washington D.C.

Crisis of Confidence
July 15, 1979, broadcast from Washington DC


Castro, Fidel

Fidel Castro - Speech

History Will Absolve Me - English

History Will Absolve Me - Spanish
October 16, 1953, delivered at Santiago de Cuba


Catt, Carrie Chapman

Carrie Chapman Catt - Speech

The Crisis
September 7, 1916, delivered at Atlantic City, New Jersey

Onward and Upward
(Open Address to Congress)
December 12-15, 1917, delivered at Washington D.C.


Chamberlain, Neville

Neville Chamberlain - Speech

Peace in Our Time
September 30, 1938, delivered at London, England

Action Rather Than Speech
September 1, 1939, delivered at London, England


Charles I

Charles I - Execution Speech 1649

Execution Speech
January 30, 1649, delivered at London, England


Chavez, Cesar

Cesar Chavez - Speech

On Ending Fast
March 10, 1968, delivered at Delano, California

Wrath of Grapes Boycott
May 1986, delivered at various places in the U.S.


Chifley, Ben

Ben Chifley - Speech

The Light on the Hill
June 12, 1949, delivered at Sydney, Australia


Chisholm, Shirley

Shirley Chisholm - Speech

Equal Rights for Women
May 21, 1969, delivered at Washington D.C.


Churchill, Winston

Orator Winston Churchill

Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat
May 13, 1940, delivered at London, UK

We Shall Fight on the Beaches
June 6, 1940, delivered at London, UK

Finest Hour
June 18, 1940, delivered at London, UK

The Few
August 20, 1940, delivered at London, UK

Never Give In
October 29, 1941, delivered at London, UK

Iron Curtain
March 5, 1946, delivered at Fulton, MO



Cicero - Against Catiline - 63 BC

Against Catiline I - English

In Catilinam I - Latin
November 8, 63 BC, delivered at Rome


Clinton, Bill

Bill Clinton - Speech

First Inaugural Address
January 20, 1993, delivered at Washington D.C.

Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial Address
April 23, 1995, delivered at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Second Inaugural Address
January 20, 1997, delivered at Washington D.C.

Even Presidents Have Private Lives
August 17, 1998, delivered at Washington D.C.

2012 DNC Speech
September 5, 2012, delivered at Charlotte, N.C.


Clinton, Hillary Rodham

Hillary Rodham Clinton - Speech

Wellesley Student Commencement Speech
May 31, 1969, delivered at Wellesley, MA

Women's Rights Are Human Rights
September 5, 1995, delivered at Beijing, China


Conwell, Russell

Acres of Diamonds
1900, delivered at Philadelphia, PA


Cromwell, Oliver

Oliver Cromwell - Speech

Dismissal of the Rump Parliament
April 20, 1653, delivered at London, England



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