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MacArthur, Douglas

Douglas MacArthur - I Have Returned

I Have Returned
October 20, 1944, broadcast from Leyte, Philippines

Old Soldiers Never Die
April 19, 1951, delivered at Washington D.C.


Macmillan, Harold

Harold Macmillan - Speech

Wind of Change
February 3, 1960, delivered at Cape Town, South Africa


Malcolm X

Black Man's History
December 1962, delivered at New York, NY

Message to the Grass Roots
November 10, 1963, delivered at Detroit, Michigan

The Ballot or the Bullet
April 3, 1964, delivered at Cleveland, Ohio


Mandela, Nelson

Nelson Mandela - 1962

Address to the PAFMECA
January 1962, delivered at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

I Am Prepared to Die
April 20, 1964, delivered at Pretoria, South Africa

Address on the Release From Prison
February 11, 1990, delivered at Cape Town, South Africa

Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech
December 10, 1993, delivered at Oslo, Norway

Free at Last
May 2, 1994, delivered at Johannesburg, South Africa

Inaugural Address
May 10, 1994, delivered at Johannesburg, South Africa


Marshall, George C.

Marshall - Speech

The Marshall Plan
June 5, 1947, delivered at Cambridge, Massachusetts


Mbeki, Thabo

I Am an African
May 8, 1996, delivered at Cape Town, South Africa


Menzies, Robert

Robert Menzies - Speech

Women in War
February 20, 1942, broadcast from Sydney, Australia

The Forgotten People
May 22, 1942, broadcast from Sydney, Australia

Politics as an Art
November 28, 1948, published in New York Times Magazine

The English Tradition
July 10, 1949, published in New York Times Magazine

Democracy and Management
October 22, 1954, delivered at Adelaide, Australia


Minow, Newton

Television and the Public Interest
May 9, 1961, delivered at Washington D.C.


Molotov, Vyacheslav Mikhaylovich

Molotov - Speech

Our Cause Is Just - English

Our Cause Is Just - Russian
June 22, 1941, aired in the Soviet Union


Monroe, James

James Monroe - Speech

The Monroe Doctrine
December 2, 1823, delivered at Washington DC



Moses - The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments
14th century BC, delivered at Mount Sinai, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt



Farewell Sermon
632, delivered at Mecca, Middle East


Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon - Farewell to the Old Guard

Farewell to the Old Guard - English

Farewell to the Old Guard - French

April 20, 1814, delivered at Fontainebleau, France


Nasheed, Mohamed

Mohamed Nasheed - Maldives

Jump First and Jump Far on Climate Change

September 22, 2009, delivered at New York, N.Y.


Nehru, Jawaharlal

Nehru - Speech

A Tryst With Destiny
August 14, 1947, delivered at New Delhi, India

The Light Has Gone Out of Our Lives
January 30, 1948, broadcast from New Delhi, India


Nichols, Clarina Howard

Clarina Howard Nichols - Speech

The Responsibilities of Woman
October 15, 1851, delivered at Worcester, Massachusetts


Nixon, Richard M.

Nixon's Resignation Speech, August 8, 1974

September 23, 1952, broadcast from Los Angeles, C.A.

First Inaugural Address
January 20, 1969, delivered at Washington D.C.

The Great Silent Majority
November 3, 1969, aired from Washington D.C.

Cambodia Address
April 30, 1970, aired from Washington D.C.

Second Inaugural Address
January 20, 1973, delivered at Washington D.C.

No Whitewash at the White House
(First Watergate Address)
April 30, 1973, aired from Washington D.C.

Second Watergate Address
August 15, 1973, aired from Washington D.C.

I'm Not a Crook
November 17, 1973, delivered at Orlando, Florida

Resignation Speech
August 8, 1974, delivered at Washington D.C.


O'Connell, Daniel

Daniel O'Connell Speech

Justice for Ireland
February 4, 1836, delivered at London, United Kingdom


Obama, Barack

Obama - Speech

DNC Keynote Address
July 27, 2004, delivered at Boston, Massachusetts

Yes, We Can
January 8, 2008, delivered at Nashua, New Hampshire

Inaugural Address
January 20, 2009, delivered at Washington, D.C.

On the Death of Osama Bin Laden
May 1, 2011, delivered at Washington, DC

Second Inaugural Address
January 21, 2013, delivered at Washington, DC


Pankhurst, Emmeline

Emmeline Pankhurst - Speech

Freedom or Death
November 13, 1913, delivered at Hartford, Connecticut


Patton, George S.

George S. Patton - Speech

All Real Men Like to Fight
June 5, 1944, delivered in England, UK


Pausch, Randy

Randy Pausch - Speech

The Last Lecture
September 18, 2007, delivered at Pittsburgh, P.A.


Pearse, Patrick Henry

Patrick Pearse - Speech 1915

Ireland Unfree Shall Never Be at Peace
August 1, 1915, delivered at Dublin, Ireland



Pericles Speech

Funeral Oration
431 BC, delivered at Athens, Greece


Powell, Enoch

Enoch Powell - Speech

Rivers of Blood
April 20, 1968, delivered at Birmingham, England


Quincy, Josiah

Josiah Quincy 1772-1864

Maritime Protection
January 25, 1812, delivered at Washington D.C.


Reagan, Ronald

Ronald Reagan - First Inauguration

A Time for Choosing
October 27, 1964, delivered at Los Angeles, California

First Inaugural Address
January 20, 1981, delivered at Washington DC

Address to the British Parliament
June 8, 1982, delivered at London, UK

The Evil Empire
March 8, 1983, delivered at Orlando, Florida

D-Day Address
June 6, 1984, delivered at Pointe du Hoc, France

Second Inaugural Address
January 21, 1985, delivered at Washington DC

Address on the Challenger Disaster
January 28, 1986, delivered at Washington DC

Tear Down This Wall
June 12, 1987, delivered at Berlin, Germany


Red Jacket (Sagoyewatha)

Red Jacket - Speech

We Never Quarrel About Religion
Summer of 1805, delivered in the Six Nations Territory, Upper New York State

We Cannot Make Land
Summer of 1819, delivered near Buffalo, New York


Richards, Ann

Ann Richards July 18, 1988 Keynote Address DNC Atlanta Georgia

Keynote Address to the Democratic National Convention
July 18, 1988, delivered at Atlanta, Georgia


Robespierre, Maximilien

Robespierre - Speech

The Virtue of Terror - English

The Virtue of Terror - French
February 5, 1794, delivered at Paris, France

Festival of the Supreme Being - English

Festival of the Supreme Being - French

June 8, 1794, delivered at Paris, France


Roosevelt, Eleanor

The Struggle for Human Rights
September 28, 1948, delivered at Paris, France


Roosevelt, Franklin Delano

FDR - Speech in 1932

Commonwealth Club Address
September 23, 1932, delivered at San Francisco, CA

The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself
(First Inaugural Address)
March 4, 1933, delivered at Washington D.C.

On the Bank Crisis
(First Fireside Chat)
March 12, 1933, delivered at Washington DC

Good Neighbor Policy
August 14, 1936, delivered at Chautauqua, New York

Social Security
January 17, 1937, delivered at Washington DC

Second Inaugural Address
January 20, 1937, delivered at Washington DC

Quarantine the Aggressor
October 5, 1937, delivered at Chicago, Illinois

December 17, 1940, delivered at Washington D.C.

Arsenal of Democracy
December 29, 1940, delivered at Washington DC

The Four Freedoms
January 6, 1941, delivered at Washington D.C.

Third Inaugural Address
January 20, 1941, delivered at Washington D.C.

Day of Infamy
December 8, 1941, delivered at Washington D.C.

D-Day Prayer
June 6, 1944, delivered at Washington DC

American Labor
September 23, 1944, delivered at Washington DC

Fourth Inaugural Address
January 20, 1945, delivered at Washington D.C.


Roosevelt, Theodore

Theodore Roosevelt - 1883

The Duties of American Citizenship
January 26, 1883, delivered at Buffalo, NY

The Strenuous Life
April 10, 1899, delivered at Chicago, Illinois

Controlling the Trusts
December 3, 1901, delivered at Washington D.C.

Strength and Decency
August 16, 1903, delivered at Oyster Bay, NY

Lincoln Dinner Address
February 13, 1905, delivered at New York, NY

Inaugural Address
March 4, 1905, delivered at Washington D.C.

The Man With the Muck-Rake
April 14, 1906, delivered at Washington DC

The Man in the Arena
April 23, 1910, delivered at Paris, France

The New Nationalism
August 31, 1910, delivered at Osawatomie, Kansas


Rose, Ernestine

Ernestine Rose - Speech

The Tender Ivy Plant
October 15, 1851, delivered at Worcester, Massachusetts


Rudd, Kevin

The Stolen Generation
February 13, 2008, delivered at Canberra, Australia



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