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Become Hard! Remain Firm!

Clemens von Galen - Speech

Clemens von Galen
July 20, 1941, delivered at Munster, Germany


Benares Hindu University Speech

Mohandas Gandhi - Speech

Mohandas Gandhi
February 4, 1916, delivered at Benares, India


Black Man's History

Malcolm X
December 1962, delivered at New York, NY


Black Power

Stokely Carmichael - Black Power Speech - October 29, 1966

Stokely Carmichael
October 29, 1966, delivered at Berkeley, California


Blood and Iron

Otto von Bismarck - Speech

Otto von Bismarck
September 30, 1862, delivered at Berlin, Germany


Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat

Orator Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill
May 13, 1940, delivered at London, UK


Blut und Eisen

Otto von Bismarck - Speech

Otto von Bismarck
September 30, 1862, delivered at Berlin, Germany


Britain Awake

Margaret Thatcher - Speech

Margaret Thatcher
January 19, 1976, delivered at London, UK


Cambodia Address

Nixon - Cambodia Speech

Richard Nixon
April 30, 1970, broadcast from Washington DC


Carswell Testimony

Betty Friedan - Speech

Betty Friedan
January 27, 1970, given at Washington D.C.



Richard Nixon - Checkers Speech

Richard Nixon
September 23, 1952, broadcast from Los Angeles, CA


Civil Rights Address

JFK on Civil Rights 1963

John F. Kennedy
June 11, 1963, broadcast from Washington DC


Climate Change Knows No Borders

Ahmed Khaleel Maldives

Ahmed Khaleel
June 3, 2009, given at New York, N.Y.


Commencement Address at American University (World Peace)

JFK - World Peace 1963

John F. Kennedy
June 10, 1963, delivered at Washington DC


Commonwealth Club Address

FDR - Speech in 1932

Franklin D. Roosevelt
September 23, 1932, delivered at San Francisco, CA


Controlling the Trusts

Theodore Roosevelt - Speech

Theodore Roosevelt
December 3, 1901, delivered at Washington DC


Cooper Union Address

Abraham Lincoln - Cooper Union Address 1860

Abraham Lincoln
February 27, 1860, delivered at New York, NY


Coronation Speech

Queen Elizabeth II - Speech

Elizabeth II
June 2, 1953, delivered at London, England


Crisis of Confidence

Jimmy Carter - Speech

Jimmy Carter
July 15, 1979, broadcast from Washington D.C.


Cross of Gold

William Jennings Bryan - Speech

William Jennings Bryan
July 8, 1896, delivered at Chicago, Illinois


D-Day Address

Ronald Reagan - D-Day Address 1984

Ronald Reagan
June 6, 1984, delivered at Pointe du Hoc, France


D-Day Prayer

Roosevelt - Speech

Franklin D. Roosevelt
June 6, 1944, delivered at Washington D.C.


Dangers of the Hour

Matilda Joslyn Gage - Speech

Matilda Joslyn Gage
Delivered on February 24, 1890


Das Deutsche Volk - Vorrede

Joseph Goebbels - Sportpalast Berlin - February 10, 1933

Joseph Goebbels
February 10, 1933, delivered at Berlin, Germany


Das Deutsche Volk

Adolf Hitler
February 10, 1933, delivered at Berlin, Germany


Day of Affirmation Address

Robert F. Kennedy - Speech

Robert F. Kennedy
June 6, 1966, delivered at Cape Town, South Africa


Day of Infamy

FDR Day of Infamy - December 1941

Franklin D. Roosevelt
December 8, 1941, delivered at Washington D.C.


Death Knell of Fanaticism

Vivekananda - Speech

September 11-27, 1893, delivered at Chicago, Illinois


Declaration of Conscience

Margaret Smith Chase - Declaration of Conscience 1950

Margaret Chase Smith
June 1, 1950, delivered at Washington D.C.


Declaration of Sentiments

Elizabeth Cady Stanton - Speech

Elizabeth Cady Stanton
July 19-20, 1848, delivered at Seneca Falls, New York


Democracy and Education

Booker T. Washington - Speech

Booker T. Washington
September 30, 1896, delivered at Brooklyn, New York


Democracy and Management

Robert Menzies - Speech

Robert Menzies
October 22, 1954, delivered at Adelaide, Australia



Alexander the Great - Speech

Alexander the Great
324 BC, delivered at Opis, Mesopotamia


Der Mord an Unproduktiven Menschen

Clemens von Galen - Speech

Clemens von Galen
August 3, 1941, delivered at Munster, Germany


Die Juedische Frage

Adolf Hitler - Speech

Adolf Hitler
January 30, 1939, delivered at Berlin, Germany


Dismissal of the Rump Parliament

Oliver Cromwell - Speech

Oliver Cromwell
April 20, 1653, delivered at London, England


Do You Want Total War?

Joseph Goebbels - Speech

Joseph Goebbels
February 18, 1943, delivered at Berlin, Germany



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