French Revolutionary Wars Timeline: 1795

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January 11, 1795
The National Convention issues a decree that gives artisan émigrés (only those ones who "habitually work with their hands") who had left France after May 1, 1793, amnesty IF they will come back within two month (by 1 Germinal = March 21, 1795).


January 17, 1795
Pichegru and his men take possession of the Dutch vessels that are frozen in the ice of the Ijsselmeer.

Capture of the Dutch Navy by the French Cavalry, January 17, 1795
Capture of the Dutch Navy by the French Cavalry, January 17, 1795
Prise de la Marine hollandaise par la cavalerie française sur mer le 17 janvier 1795
Musée Sarret de Grozon


January 19, 1795
Pichegru and his army enter Amsterdam.


February 17, 1795
The Treaty of La Jaunaye (Traité de La Jaunaye). This peace treaty is agreed upon between republicans and the royalist rebels. It is part of the
Wars of the Vendée.


February 21, 1795
Decree to separate religion and state.


March 3, 1795
Creation of the
Army of the Rhine and Moselle (Armée de Rhin-et-Moselle). Commander: Pichegru.


March 10, 1795
A French fleet encounters a British fleet, led by Admiral William Hotham, in the Gulf of Genoa. The French were on their way to recapture Corsica. The Brits give chase and on March 14, 1795, two French vessels will be captured.


March 14, 1795
In the Gulf of Genoa, t
wo French vessels are captured by the British, the Ça Ira and the Censeur.


April 5, 1795
Peace of Basel, in which Prussia accepts the Rhine River as the French eastern border. France won the  War of the First Coalition against Prussia. One ally down, four more to go.

Here is the map:

Central Europe 1797
Central Europe after the Peace of Basel (1795)
and of Campo Formio (1797)


April 9, 1795
The Treaty of Mabilais. This peace treaty is agreed upon between republicans and the royalist rebels. It is part of the
Wars of the Vendée.


May 7, 1795
Antoine Quentin Fouquier-Tinville (public prosecuter of the Revolutioanry Tribunal who put Marie-Antoinette, Brissot, Desmoulins, and Hébert on the guillotine) is


May 16, 1795
The French renamed the United Provinces of the Netherlands, which become the
 Batavian Republic.

Treaty of The Hague (Traité de La Haye).


May 20, 1795
Revolt of 1 Prairial, year III - Uprising of the


May 31, 1795
The Revolutionary Tribunal is abolished.


June 8, 1795
Louis-Charles dies in prison at Paris. He was ten years old.

Louis-Charles was the second son of former King Louis XVI and  Queen Marie-Antoinette. His older brother Louis-Joseph had died on June 4, 1789, making Louis-Charles the new heir apparent (dauphin). When his father was executed on January 21, 1793, Louis-Charles became Louis XVII, at least among royalists.

Today, upon the death of wee Louis-Charles, his uncle Louis-Stanislas-Xavier became unofficially Louis XVIII. Forty-year-old Louis-Stanislas-Xavier is the younger brother of the late Louis XVI.


June 27, 1795
 Battle of Quiberon. French revolutionaries vs. French royalists. This battle is part of the Wars of the Vendee.


July 22, 1795
 Second Treaty of Basel. The Second Peace of Basel is signed between Spain and France. Catalonia becomes Spanish in exchange for Spanish possessions on the island of Hispaniola (today's Haiti and Dominican Republic), which is now entirely in French hands.

The First Treaty of Basel had been signed on April 5, 1795, between Prussia and France.

Prussia and Spain are out of the War of the First Coalition.


August 22, 1795
Constitution of the year III (Constitution of 5 Fructidor, Year III).

This constitution splits the legislative power between the Conseil de Cinq-Cents (Council of Five Hundred) with 500 representatives and the Conseil des Anciens (Council of Ancients / Elders) with 250 representatives.

The executive head was the Directory with 5 members.

Here is the list of names for the Council of Five Hundred including date of birth/death, and département.


September 5, 1795
French troops cross the Rhine River between Duisburg and Dusseldorf.


October 1, 1795
southern Netherlands and the principality of Liège are annexed by France. Here is the map

Eastern France 1792
1792-1795 Eastern France


October 5, 1795
Royalists run riot in Paris and get crushed by republican troops, led by


October 26, 1795
Last day of t
National Convention. Tomorrow it will be replaced by the Conseil des Cinq-Cents (Council of Five Hundred), which in turn will elect the  Directory.

Napoleon Bonaparte is the new general of the Army of the Interior.


October 31, 1795
The Conseil des Cinq-Cents elects the members of the


December 26, 1795
The Army of the West, the Army of the Coasts of Brest, and the Army of the Coasts of Cherbourg merge and become the
Army of the Coasts of the Ocean under General Hoche.




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