French Revolutionary Wars Timeline: 1796

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February 8, 179
The new French Defense Minister is Claude Petiet. He succeeds Jean-Baptiste-Annibal Aubert-Dubayet.


February 12, 1796
Irish revolutionary Wolfe Tone arrives at Paris, carrying with him a plan to invade Ireland and intimidate Britain.


March 2, 1796
In the eyes of the
Committee of Public Safety, the present commander-of-chief of the Army of Italy, General Barthélemy-Louis-Joseph Schérer, is too hesitant. Today, the Committee has replaced Scherer.

The new commander-of-chief of the Army of Italy is Napoleon Bonaparte.


March 9, 1796
Napoleon Bonaparte marries Josephine.


April 8, 1796
British Horatio Nelson is promoted to temp admiral (acting commodore).


April 10, 1796
Beginning of the Italian Campaign.

Map of Northern Italy - April 1796
Northern Italy - April 1796

Map of Northern Italy - April-June 1796
Northern Italy - April-June 1796


April 12, 1796
Battle of Montenotte. Part of the Italian Campaign. Bonaparte's victory over the Austrians.


April 13, 1796
Battle of Millesimo. Part of the Italian Campaign. Bonaparte's victory over the army from Piedmont.


April 15, 1796
Battle of Dego
Part of the Italian Campaign. Bonaparte's victory over the Austrians.


April 22, 1796
Battle of Mondovi. Part of the Italian Campaign. Bonaparte's victory over the army from Piedmont.


April 28, 1796
Napoleon Bonaparte and the King of Piedmont-Sardinia, Victor Amadeus III (Victor-Amédée III), sign the Armistice of Cherasco. It will be confirmed by the Treaty of Paris on May 15, 1796.


May 10, 1796
Battle of Lodi
Part of the Italian Campaign. Bonaparte's victory.

Apparently, Lodi proved to be an eye-opener for Bonaparte. In his memoirs, he will write,

"It was only on the evening after Lodi that I realized that I was a superior being and conceived the ambition of performing great things, which hitherto had filled my thoughts only as a fantastic dream."


May 15, 1796
French troops, led by Napoleon Bonaparte, enter Milan.

Treaty of Paris. This treaty confirms the Armistice of Cherasco, signed on April 28, 1796. Piedmont cedes Savoy and Nice to France. With the packet comes Tende and Beuil.


June 4, 1796
The Siege of Mantua begins. It will end on February 2, 1797.

Battle of Altenkirchen. Kleber's victory over the Austrians.


July 1796
Wars of the Vendee end.


July 2, 1796
France issues a law by which the confiscation of neutral American merchant ships is declared legal. The exact words were,

"that all neutral or allied powers shall, without delay, be notified that the flag of the French Republic will treat neutral vessels either as to confiscation, as to searches or capture, in the same manner as they shall suffer the English to treat them."


July 20, 1796
General Lazare Hoche gets a new assignment, the invasion of Ireland.


August 5, 1796
Battle of Castiglione. Part of the Italian Campaign. Bonaparte's victory over the Austrians.

In 1808, and thanks to his performance in this battle, French soldier Pierre Francois Charles Augerau became the Duc de Castiglione.


August 19, 1796
Spain switches alliances by signing the
Treaty of San Ildefonso and fights now on the French side. Meanwhile, the British abandon Corsica and withdraw to Gibraltar.


September 3, 1796
Austria defeats France, led by
Jourdan, at the Battle of Würzburg, located one car hour southeast from Frankfurt.


September 8, 1796
Battle of Bassano. Part of the Italian Campaign. Bonaparte's victory over the Austrians.


September 19, 1796
U.S. President Washington will not seek a third term. Today, he delivers his Farewell Address. He will retire on March 4, 1797.


September 21, 1796
French General Marceau gets shot at Altenkirchen, while on the job with his troops covering Kleber's retreat after the Battle of Altenkirchen, which was fought on June 4, 1796. Francois Severin Marceau was 27 years old.


October 8, 1796
Spain declares war on Britain.


October 16, 1796
Victor Amadeus III, the king of Piedmont-Sardinia, dies. His successor is his son, Charles Emmanuel IV.


November 17, 1796
Catherine the Great dies at Tsarskoye Selo, Russia.

Battle of Arcole. Part of the Italian Campaign. Bonaparte's victory over the Austrians.

Bonaparte on the Bridge at Arcole on November 17, 1796
Bonaparte on the Bridge at Arcole on November 17, 1796
Le général Bonaparte au pont d'Arcole
1796 Oil on canvas by Antoine-Jean Gros, who lived 1771-1835
Château de Versailles


November 27, 1796
A Commission, delegated by the French Republic to the Leeward Islands, resolves that the captains of French national vessels and privateers are authorized to stop, and bring into the ports of the colony, American vessels bound to English ports, or coming from the said ports.


December 15, 1796
French invasion of Ireland.
From Brest in Brittany, the French send more than 14,000 troops aboard 43 ships direction Ireland to oust the British. The expedition is led by French
 General Lazare Hoche and newly appointed adjutant Wolfe Tone, a seasoned Irish revolutionary, who came up with the idea in the first place (see February 12, 1796.) Storms will render this expedition abortive.

Unlike this French invasion, the next one, on  February 22, 1797, will actually land troops on British soil.


December 30, 1796
Cispadane Republic is set up.




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