Ready to Shut up the Jews: Goebbels in the Sportpalast at Berlin
on February 10, 1933


Goebbels' Intro to Hitler's Proclamation to the German Nation


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Goebbels' Intro to Hitler's Proclamation to the German Nation

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It follows the English translation of the German transcript of Joseph Goebbels' opening remarks that introduced Adolf Hitler's Proclamation to the German Nation, delivered at the Sportpalast in Berlin, Germany - February 10, 1933.


Joseph Goebbels - Sportpalast Berlin - February 10, 1933 My national comrades!

Before the meeting begins I would just like to take notice of a few articles from the Berlin press which assert that I shouldn't be allowed to broadcast over the German radio, since I'm too insignificant, too small, and too much of a habitual liar to address the whole world.

This evening you are eyewitnesses to a mass occurrence which in this size in Germany and probably throughout the world has never before taken place.

I don't think it's saying too much to claim that tonight at least 20 million people in Germany and across the German frontier will be listening to the speech of Chancellor Adolf Hitler.

In Berlin alone, in addition to this great mass demonstration in the Sportpalast, ten large loudspeakers have been set up in open places, and already a great number of people have gathered in front of these loudspeakers.

There is already a throng of five to six hundred thousand people standing before them to hear this speech. The Berliner Tageblatt has asked with astonishment who would pay for these loudspeakers?

I would like to calm the gentlemen of the Berliner Tageblatt by assuring them that we still have enough money, thank heaven, to pay for ten loudspeakers.

We haven't found it necessary to turn to using such methods as those of the Marxist-Socialist-Democratic government, although we're now in a much better position to use the radio to combat this criminality than they are.

Perhaps we will lay claim to this method to expose the monstrous corruption scandals of the Marxist-Socialist-Democratic government which have been uncovered during the last 14 years. This hour is closer than the gentlemen of the Berliner Tageblatt want to believe.

When the Jewish press complains how the National Socialist movement is being allowed to speak on all German radio stations because of its chancellor, then we can answer that we're just doing what you have always done in the past.

That wasn't just an empty phrase when in previous years we declared that you Jews are our teachers and we just want to be your students and learn from you.

Moreover, it must be determined that what these gentlemen achieved in the field of propaganda politics during the last 14 years was really a piece of bungling! Despite their control of the mass media all they could do was cover current parliamentary scandals which were useless for forming a new political base. The National Socialist movement will show them how they actually should have handled it.

Namely, one has to govern well - then good propaganda will follow. One goes with the other. A good government without propaganda can scarcely stand any better than good propaganda without a good regime. They have to complement each other.

And if the Jewish press today believes that it can make veiled threats against the National Socialist movement, and if they believe that they can get around our defensive measures they shouldn't keep lying. For one day our patience will reach its end and the Jews' insolent lying mouths will be shut for them!

And if other Jewish newspapers are of the opinion that they can now, with flags flying, swing over to our side, then we can only give them the answer: Please don't go to any great expense!

Moreover, our SA men and party comrades can be calm. The hour for the end of the red terror will come sooner than we all think. For who can deny that the Bolshevik press lies when the Rote Fahne [Red Flag], this piece of Jewish insolence, dares to assert that our comrade Maikowski and the policeman Zauritz were shot by our own comrades?

The Jewish insolence has lived longer in the past than it will live in the future. And soon we will teach the gentlemen of the Karl Liebknecht House a thing or two they have never been taught before.

I just wanted to settle with the enemy press and the enemy parties and say to them personally what I want to say over all German radio stations to the other millions of people.




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