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Carolingian Dynasty AD 641-987
or... 751 - 887, depending on who you ask.

The Carolingians were Frankish rulers, which means their territory was in western Europe. They also had great nicknames.

Before the Carolingians took over, the
Merovingians ruled. They also were Frankish.

Here's a map of the Frankish Territories, Carolingians and Merovingians, 481-814:

Frankish Territories, Map

Did the Carolingian Dynasty Begin in 641 or in 751?

Some historians give the year 751 as the beginning of the Carolingian's dynasty because in 751 Pepin III the Short overthrew the last ruling member of the  Merovingian Dynasty, Childeric III, and made himself ruler instead.

Others, however, mark the year 641 as the beginning of the Carolingian dynasty because that was the year in which Pepin I the Elder had arranged for his daughter Begga to marry Ansegisel, the son of Arnulf. (Arnulf was the bishop of Metz.) The son of Begga and Ansegisel was Pepin II.

Thus, Pepin I and Arnulf became the founding fathers of the Carolingian dynasty.

By the way, the Carolingian's patriarch Pepin I the Elder was not a king. He was counselor to the king and mayor of the king's palace in Austrasia. In fact, the Carolingians at first ruled without being kings but their influence over the king became more and more powerful until they finally took it to the next level, gave the king the boot, and declared themselves rulers. The year? 751.

Map of the Carolingian and Byzantine Empires and the Califate about 814. Inset: Northern Austrasia about 814.
814 Carolingian, Byzantine Empires and Califate


What's With the Name?

It is the Carolingians because many rulers of the Carolingian dynasty were named Charles. In Latin, Charles is Carolus ... make the bridge.

And talking about names: Some spell it Pepin, some spell it Pippin, and the French spell it Pépin. Another version is Lothair, which some also spell Lothar. Take your pick.


Did the Carolingian Dynasty End in 887 or in 987?

Some historians say the Carolingian Dynasty ended in 887 when Charles III the Fat was deposed, which is one way of looking at it. However, even though there were interruptions, the Carolingian rule had a few comebacks. The Carolingians finally had to make room for other rulers after Louis V died childless. The year? 987.


Who Were the Members of the Carolingian Dynasty?

Among others, the following men were members of the Carolingian dynasty:

Pepin I the Elder, who was born we don't know the exact year and lived to 639 or 640. Pepin I's son was Grimoald. Pepin I's grandson was Pepin II of Herstal.

Grimoald, we don't know when he was born, but we know that he died in 656. Grimoald ruled as mayor from 643 - 656.

Pepin II of Herstal, who was born heck-knows-when and died in 714. Pepin II ruled 687 - 714 still as a mayor, not as king.

Charles Martel the Hammer, who lived 688 - 741, ruled 715 - 741, also mayor but not king. Upon Charles Martel's death, his sons Pepin III and Carloman divided the kingdom between themselves.

Pepin III the Short, who lived 714 - 768 and ruled 741 - 768. Pepin III was the first member of the Carolingian family to become king. Pepin's son was named, you guessed it, Charles. He became known as Charlemagne.

Carloman, who lived 715 - 754 and ruled 741 - 747. He abdicated to become a monk. This abdication left Pepin III to rule over the entire kingdom.

Charlemagne, who lived 747 - 814 and ruled 768 - 814 as king and later as emperor. Charlemagne's son was Louis I, the Pious.

Louis I the Pious, who lived 778 - 840 and ruled 814 - 840. Louis sons were: Charles II the Bald, Louis II, the German, and Lothair I. These three fought over their inheritance. The quarrel was solved by means of the Treaty of Verdun.

Charles II the Bald, who lived 823 - 877 and ruled 843 - 877. His son was Louis II, the Stammerer.

Louis II the German, who lived 804 - 876 and ruled 817 - 876.

Lothair I, who lived 795 - 855 and ruled 840 - 855.

Louis II the Stammerer, who lived 846 - 879 and ruled 877 - 879. Louis II's sons were Louis III, Carloman, and Charles III, the Simple. Louis III and Carloman were joint rulers until the death of Louis III.

Louis III, who lived 863 - 882 and ruled 879 - 882.

Carloman, who was born sometime and died in 884. Carloman was sole ruler 882 - 884.

Charles III the Fat, who lived 839 - 888 and ruled 884 - 887 when he was overthrown.

Charles III the Simple, who lived 879 - 929 and ruled 893 - 923. His son was Louis from Overseas.

Louis IV from Overseas, who lived 921 - 954 and ruled 936 - 954. Louis IV's son was Lothair.

Lothair, who lived 941 - 986 and ruled 954 - 986. Lothair's son was Louis V.

Louis V the Sluggard, who lived 967 - 987 and ruled 986 - 987.





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